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Best Wedding Photography in Warwickshire – 2019


2019 has been an epic year, we’ve shot over 300,000 photographs between us and covered over 4200 miles. We’ve witnessed some of the most chaotic weather, from 4 seasons in a day to 70mph winds, crazy floods and even a power-cut right before a ceremony! It has been an eventful year, but we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. These challenges never stop us, the images are still our best to date and we keep aiming to improve with every single wedding.

2019 was also the year where (finally) we BOTH decided to focus solely on our own business. It was a scary move, as it is both of us putting all of our eggs in one basket. But having been doing this alongside each other for 9 years and finally being pushed to our limits, we felt if we didn’t just focus on what we love, when will we.

Our business means everything to us. It’s the centre of our relationship, being a husband and wife team. We met through photography and being able to pursue this together is everything that we are about. We wake up in the morning and the first thing we think about is our business. And it is often the last thing we speak about at night.


The quality that comes about in our work is based off of the bond we have. We have had the opportunity to separate off and meet demand, making this business simply about the money. But this is not what we are about or where our hearts lie. Formulating some of our images in a slideshow / blog post is such an overwhelming experience, for us. Not only is it so hard to minimise images down to fit to one song, but also because it allows us to see what we achieved in one year, all thanks to God. We are truly proud, humbled and grateful.

To every single couple that we have ever worked with and to our future couples, we cannot thank every single one of you enough. We live and breathe wedding photography and genuinely give every single wedding our all. You are the ones that make our dreams come true.

Now enough of our ramblings, we are going to let the images do the talking! Here is our Best of 2019 Slideshow! Please don’t forget to comment on this post with your thoughts.

And here are the images, if you would like to scroll through at your own pace.

bride with head out of car window - warwickshire best wedding photographer bride smiling at groom whilst he wipes a tear away - best wedding photography in warwickshire 2019 bride and groom sawing a log as a german tradition - best wedding photography in warwickshire 2019 father of the bride crying when he sees his daughter - best wedding photography in warwickshire best wedding photography in warwickshire - bride and groom under a tree at nighttime

If you got to the bottom of this post, we love you very much!!

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Sonia & Simon of S2 Images are husband and wife photography team. We photograph weddings nationally and internationally, having covered areas such as Warwickshire, London, the Cotswolds, Birmingham, the Midlands, Surrey, Hampshire, and even as far as Malaysia! We enjoy combining our love for travel with wedding photography. If you are planning your wedding, we would love to know your plans! Please get in touch via our contact page if you are interested in our services, be it national or worldwide. 

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